Navya 13 October 2011 Full Episode

Navya 13 October 2011 Full Episode.

RITS, and added Navya do through Anant and Ranbir and they want to get rid of the dancers who blackmail. The girls escape from their house through the backdoor. The male dancers to find and follow them. The Bajpai get angry when they learn of Navya night with friends.

RITS, and added Navya comes to where the party is going Anant. RITS, and added the incident to tell Navya Anant and Ranbir. The male dancers enter the party. The girls on the paranoid view.

The male dancers dance to the party and when they remove their masks, Rits, added, and Navi are shocked to see Ranbir and Anant behind the mask. The girls are angry against Anant and Ranbir to deceive them. Om Shankar and Dadi Bua spot Navya and Anant with friends on the road in the middle of the night.

Navya 13 October 2011 Full Episodes
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